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Contacts Specialist

Ironwood Eye Care

Optometry located in Scottsdale, AZ

Contact lenses offer a wide range of vision correction, from daily disposable lenses to colored contacts to astigmatism contacts and beyond. The eye care team at Ironwood Eye Care in Scottsdale, Arizona, offers dedicated expert care along with all the custom contact lens choices that you need. Schedule your contacts appointment using the online tool or by phone today.

Contacts Q & A

Are contact lenses right for me?

If you prefer your appearance without eyeglasses, contacts might be a good choice for you. Contacts also give you wider peripheral vision than eyeglasses do, so if side vision is a problem for you while driving, playing sports, or doing something else, contacts could work well for you.

Talk to your Ironwood Eye Care provider about your needs and wishes to decide whether contacts are the best option for you.


What are the different options in contact lenses?

There are many types of contacts today, and there's something for nearly anyone. The options include:

  • Spherical contacts: for nearsightedness and farsightedness, and some astigmatism cases
  • Toric lenses: for astigmatism
  • Bifocal and multifocal lenses: multi-zone lenses for patients who need two or more prescriptions
  • Gas-permeable lenses: a rigid type of lens that can offer sharper vision

There are also specialized types of contacts for vision problems and conditions. If you suffer from keratoconus, a condition that causes a cone-shaped cornea, there are a few kinds of soft or gas-permeable lenses that can help.

Orthokeratology lenses work differently than the other kinds of contacts. You wear these lenses at night, and they reshape your cornea. After a couple of weeks of nightly wear, your vision is considerably improved, allowing you to go contacts-free during the day.


How do I get contact lenses?

You'll have a comprehensive eye exam and contact lens fitting at Ironwood Eye Care. Your optometrist considers multiple factors, including your unique eye structure and your vision correction needs, when deciding the best kind of contacts for your situation.


Is it easy to take care of contact lenses?

Absolutely  — in fact, taking care of contacts is easier today than it's ever been. For most types of lenses, you just need to use one solution to clean, rinse, and store your contacts.

Of course, you also have the option of disposable daily contacts. You don't need to clean them at all because you discard the lenses each night when you go to bed.

With good care, you won’t experience any problems with contacts. However, if you experience any loss of vision, vision changes, or eye pain, remove your lenses and see the optometrist right away.

If you're ready for contact lenses, make your appointment at Ironwood Eye Care using the online tool or by phone today.

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